Congratulations to Jamie O`Keefe and Billy Brandsma

Congratulations to Jamie O`Keefe and Billy Brandsma on their win in the Champion of Champion Pairs, they defeated a gallant Sam Perica and Matt Ayres 20-15.

The final was a pretty good standard so I was informed with all players having their moments. The scoreline with O`Keefe/Brandsma first
0-4, 4-4, 9-4, 10-6, 10-11, 13-11, 17-11, 19-15. 20 – 15

The very experienced Jamie O`Keefe was the skip, has won yet another major title and one wonders if their is enough room in the trophy cabinet to put the trophy. Well done to Jamie who has a most enviable record in the Eastern States prior to coming West.

The win further confirms what a great season Billy Brandsma has had to top of his season. It all changed for Billy Brandsma when he made a big decision to change Clubs and go to play for Doubleview, it has been a huge rollercoaster ride for him

After surviving two close games yesterday, one against Mike Vitale/Kevin Smith by two shots then the big win against Pat and Gary Caffell, there was just one shot separating them at the conclusion of play. They followed up with that form to win the event

Sam Perica has done extremely well along with Matt Ayres to be runner up. Sam doesn’t skipper in pennant games but relish’s the chance to play this role in major events, he has done a very good job to play in the final.
Matt Ayres as we all know has had a season most of us only dream about, playing in the State practice games, r/u in the Aus Open Singles and now r/u in the Champ of Club Champion Pairs final, not forgetting his win in the under 18 Australian Triples.


An amazing morning when both games turned out to be fizzog both with scorelines no one could predict.
Firstly Sam Perica/Matt Ayres won in a landslide 19-3 against the inform Thomas Mitchell/Rhett Butler combo, the game was stopped after 11 of the 15 end game had been completed. Sherro was not at the game so I cannot say what happened but was stunned when told the score. Still that is bowls for you and it shows even the best of players will have days that they cannot get into the game.

Well done to Sam Perica/Matt Ayres who I thought would have a battle on their hands to contain the outstanding Vic Park pair.

It was hard to know how the Lake Monger pair of A. Howe and B. Rose would go against Jamie O’Keefe/Bill Brandsma but most would have predicted a win for O`Keefe/Brandsma and that is the way it panned out. This game was also called off after the 11th or 12 end and the score 20-1

April 21, 2013

A day of big results at the Champion of Club Champion Pairs at Victoria Park, Thomas Mitchell/Rhett Butler had a good win against his brother Matt Mitchell/Peter Ker, Thomas/Rhett are the current DV Master Pairs title holder while brother Matt won it with Peter Ker the previous year.

They have set up a good clash with Sam Perica/Matt Ayres combo who had a couple of narrow scrapes defeating Cockburn’s Joe Marevic then Warwicks J. Borkowski, then crashing out the top line Wagin side of Warren Holt and Steve Trowl to make it in the first semi -final.

Lake Monger duo A. Howe and B.Rose crashed their way thru to make the other semi final after rolling the Melville pair of Steve Hughes/John Andrew with an easy victory then followed up with another easy win in the next game getting over Safety Bay pair G Taylor/B.Petchell. The final win of the day was against Spearwood’s Ken Nadilo/Nick Silich which was a lot closer than the previous games.

Jamie O`Keefe/Billy Brandsma survived a hard days work with narrow victories, a two shot win against Bedford’s Mike Vitale/Kevin Smith followed by Osborne Pk Brothers Pat and Gary Caffell to make it to the other semi final.

All in all it should be a good day at Vic Park with the side left to determine who the winner of the Champion of Club Champion Pairs will be, Sherro fancies the final to be between Mitchell/Butler against O`Keefe/Brandsma but have been wrong on many occasions previously